辟榖: 這是一個好聽的,有一點古典味道的名字.簡單地說就是戒食,或者説是不吃飯.有人辟榖是為了宗教的原因.有人呢是為了健康的原因.宗教是個人的信仰我們這裡不談.我只說一說與健康有關的事項.在那之前讓我們先了解一下吃東西或者說是消化, 營養的的原理. 

Some people fast for religious reason while some for health reason. Fasting for religion is something personal.  I would avoid talk about it.  I would like to make some comment on health related fasting.  Before that, let us review a little about nutrition.


There are new theory coming out every once a while.  However, the basic is still more or less the same: Namely, the protein we take in, we use to grow or repair things like muscle or organs. The carbon-hydrate we take was converted to blood sugar which in turn is used as fuel for our daily activities. The excess is converted into fatty tissue and saved for later use. 


Now, after each meal, the food stays in for a while.  During this time, there are of course, blood sugar existing.  Even after the food is gone, blood sugar still stay at a constant level regulated by insulin and supplied by the liver for a while, till a few hours after the meal.


Well, now, it is time for the next meal already. That is what mentioned above about converting what is not used into fat. In general, what we eat is a little more than what we need, even if you follow the good rule of not eating too full.  If you indulge every meal, imagine how much you have “in excess” to be converted into fat.  Fortunately, the body is not very efficient in creating fat. So people, even after middle age, gain only a little gradually.  However, since we do not give it a chance to convert back, once fat is formed, it stays.  That is why so many people wring their brains for the problem of dieting.

上面所說每頓飯之後幾個鐘頭之內就再吃第二頓飯,就算你吃的不太多,那也沒有給身體一個機會去用那些脂肪.這就是一日三餐的後果.可是,要是在上面所說的幾個鐘頭以後還不吃,那就會有什麼结果呢?我們的身體就會有一種自然的反應, 就是把一點脂肪變成酮,溶到血液裡面,再變成血糖.要想把身體裡面的脂肪溶掉,也就是說用掉,那我們就得給身體一個機會,在吃飯以後多給他幾個鐘頭. 

As mentioned above, we have the next meal within the time blood sugar is depleted. Even if you do not eat very much, the body still does not have the chance to utilize the stored fat. And this is the direct result of having 3 meals a day.  Well, what if we do not eat after those few hours? The body will react when blood sugar is depleting, and will convert fat into ketone and than into blood sugar.  So, if we want to “melt away” or to use up the fat, we need to give the body some more time after that crucial few hours after a meal.

這麽說來少吃多餐雖然可能對身體有些好處可是那並不是一個減肥的好政策.那麼,怎麼樣才可以在吃飯以後多給他幾個鐘頭呢?這倒是有很多辦法.比如說三餐都少吃點,晚飯以後不要吃零食,也不要吃宵夜.那麼,在第二天早飯之前不是就有很長的一段的時間了嗎?不錯,可是一則我們不知道那幾個鐘頭夠不夠.再則 這樣需要很強的定力,又要有恒.不是很容易做的.反過來說,要是乾脆一天不吃飯,不是就有了保證,在兩頓之間有很多個鐘頭了嗎? 這就是戒食一天,或者說辟榖一天的基本原理.

According to this, the talk about eating more meals but less per meal may have its merit but not a good strategy for weight-losing.  Now, how do we “give it more hours” after a meal? There are many ways.  One way is to be sure not to eat anything after dinner and no midnight snacks. Doesn’t that give a long time between dinner and next breakfast? However, we are not sure if those “few hours” is enough.  Besides it is a program hard to follow.  So skipping meal all together for a day would be the sure shot, right? That is exactly what a 1-day fasting mean.

有人說這様不是會餓嗎?不錯,可是,有時候我們會看小說或者玩電腦遊戲,一看錶說,哎呀.已經半夜三點了,還沒吃晚飯呢,一想到這裡,忽然就覺得又餓又睏.所以可以說一日三餐只是一種習慣.有一大半是心理作用.有人早飯吃得多,有人晚飯吃的多一點,有人一天只吃兩頓飯.一般人要是每過幾天就戒食一天,很容易就會習慣的. 所謂2-5 戒食就是每週戒食兩天.

Don’t you get hungry? Yeah, but do you remember? At times you might be reading something interesting or playing a computer game and forgot time. When you finally look at your watch, you yell, “Oh, Yikes, it is 3 in the morning and I have not had dinner yet.”  All a sudden you felt hungry.  So you see.  Three meal a day is only a habit, mainly a psychological matter.  In fact, some people eat more at dinner and some prefer a big breakfast. Some only have two meals a day.  One can actually get used to not eating for a day once a while.  The so called 2-5 fasting simply means not eating two days in a week.


Some say, not eating will cause the depletion of muscles.  That is not possible, because our body simply does not have the mechanism to digest muscle, only the chemical to convert fat to ketone.



Some others might say, you can fast for a day, then why not more.  Sure.  There are people who fast 3 or 5 days every month or every season. However, it is not necessarily better.  Just like food, the more may not be better, may make you sick. So is fasting.  You really have to discuss with your doctor before doing anything like that.  Additionally, what I said above applies only to “regular, healthy” people.  Those who have special needs, changing eating habit or fasting is a serious matter, done only after consulting a doctor.